Do I Need To Get A Talent Agent?

talent agents are very important
Is a talent agent needed?

Think of your favorite actor or actress. Think of the famous role you remember him or her in. That role was made possible only because there was a talent agent working behind the scenes to get that star into the audition.

What about all those ever-popular self submitting websites? They’re good for exposure and building up a decent reel, but student films and webisodes will only take you so far. To truly break into the business, agents and managers are the keyholders who can unlock the door so you can get your foot in.

The Cons of Self-Submission

Do you know how many freelance actors and actresses send in their headshots daily to the agencies? Want to guess how many of those headshots actually get looked at?

Let’s say you self-submit your reel and headshots and book a non-union commercial with a big company like, oh I don’t know, Covergirl. Fantastic, you got a high profile gig. However since you don’t have an agent and the job is non-union, you can only work for Covergirl this one time.

You can never work for Covergirl again.

Does that make sense for your career in the long term? Think of the pay you would’ve made had you booked it through SAG. If only you had agency representation, you know, the kind that gets you Covergirl gigs on the regular. Plus, you’re protected by contract. You’ll be making big money, be protected legally, be able to work for the company again and again, and get great exposure. If you had an agent, that is.

The Pros of Agency Representation

Straight up, a talent agent will legitimize an unknown actor. Casting directors may not even care what your name is, but if they see who you’re repped by, your chances of getting in the room increase exponentially.

Acting is your passion, you don’t have to tell us twice; but let’s be honest, money needs to be made. And not ‘buy groceries’ money,  we’re talking ‘pay bills and buy groceries and then some’ money. Not in it for the money you say? How about being able to tell your friends “Check me out on tonight’s episode of Scandal!” Your talent agent will get you those parts. You, on your own, will not.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is that agents know the industry. They know who does the best headshots. They know which roles are hot and which are a good fit for you. Hollywood is not a one man show; it is a team effort. And you know what they say- team strong, dream strong.

So How Do I Get A Talent Agent?

Isn’t it obvious? Reppedby! Or you can do it the old fashioned way: pay for headshots, pay for an editor to cut your reel, pay for DVDs and envelopes and postage, pay to mail your envelopes to every agency in town, then pray they actually open the envelope.

At Reppedby, we’ve revolutionized the process. You create a profile, upload as many headshots and reels as you want, then when you’re ready, just send your package out to all of the top talent agencies straight through the site. That’s it. Easy to use, easy to navigate.

Our industry is in the midst of monumental change. The old ways are becoming archaic and cumbersome, fit for an age long since past. Give us your time, your headshots, your reels, and your passion, and together we can get you into that audition room!